4 Carat Diamond Ring: Characteristics, Price and Buying Guide

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4-carat diamond rings are one of the most exclusive jewels, their weight in carats classifies them within the range of the most select jewels around the world, 4 carat diamond is a luxury that you will not see in the hand of any person. 

The acquisition of a jewel like this requires a certain study so we want to help you in this process by writing the most complete buying guide on 4-carat diamonds that you will find. 


Step One: Learn More About 4-Carat Diamonds 


To approach the world of 4-carat diamonds, we must first know that the 4-carat category has special conditions, one of which is its cut, which becomes a determinant between the quality, colour, and clarity of the stone. 

The cut ideal for a jewel of this calibre fits the scale of excellent and above, nothing less. On the colour scale, we recommend that it be at least GI and VS1 or VS2 for clarity scale. 

It is important to keep in mind that to take full advantage of the splendour of the stone, you must pay close attention to the cut as it will affect both brightness and size. 


The 4 C’s of 4-Carat Diamonds 

In the previous text, we mentioned topics such as cut, colour, clarity, weight, size, and characteristics that define a diamond. But to make it a little clearer, we will expand each of the concepts, adjusting to the specific recommendations for a 4-carat diamond. 

4 C Diamond Price

Let’s start by explaining each of these features: 


A good size manages to produce more brightness and sparkles, reflecting the maximum light. For 4-carat diamonds the size will depend on their shape, a 4-carat diamond can be as large or small as the size determines, without drastically incurring its weight. 


Expert advice: 

When comparing 4-carat diamonds, pay close attention to their measurements. For some diamonds with similar measurements, sizes can vary significantly. Choose one with larger dimensions, and you will get a better diamond surface for the same price.  


The 4-carat diamond is one of the largest, with a diameter of approximately 10.4 mm. A 4-carat diamond is huge in every way, but you’d be surprised how little difference there is between larger carat diamonds such as 4 carats and 5 carats compared to smaller carat sizes. 


For example, the difference in diameter between 1 and 2-carat diamonds is 58.6%, but the difference between 4 and 5-carat diamonds is only 16%. What is affected, the change is in its price, since as its size increases in diameter, its weight in carats will increase. 


The price of a 4.5-carat diamond ring can range from $40,000 and $450,000 for diamonds closer to the 5-carat range. As with a 4-carat diamond, factors such as cut quality, clarity, shape, and colour affect a diamond’s value and selling price. 


The first reason for this big difference is that the carat weight has doubled from 1 to 2 carats, but only 25% from 4 to 5 carats. Another reason is that diamonds grow not only horizontally in two dimensions (giving larger diameter and surface area), but also vertically, which means that most of the diamond’s carat weight is distributed vertically and is not visible when looking at the diamond. 


Ideal cut for 4-carat diamonds 

The cut is arguably the most important quality characteristic of a diamond, especially for the 4-carat gauge, as it has the biggest impact on price and appearance. We recommend that you pay close attention to the cut and choose the one that best suits your budget, prioritizing this feature over the others. 

The most used cut in 4-carat diamonds is the brilliant cut since it is the one that offers the best light reflection and the one that gives this precious stone the greatest brilliance. 


Let’s talk about the important scales for the size of a 4-carat diamond 


1. Excellent Cut 

This rare cut represents approximately 3% of diamonds, especially those 4 carats and up, and is capable of reflecting most of the light that enters the diamond. 


2. Very good cut 

This cut represents approximately 15% of diamonds, depending on their cut quality. It reflects almost as much light as the ideal size but comes at a lower price. 


3. Good Cut 

This cut represents approximately 25% of diamonds, based on their cut quality. It reflects most of the incoming light, but not as much as a very good size grade. 


The colour 

Our experience in the commercialization of this type of Diamonds allows us to recommend two important factors regarding the colour of your 4-carat diamond: 

H-colour diamonds fall in the middle of the “almost colourless” range, and any yellow/brown tint is invisible to most people. The increased surface area of ​​a 4.00-carat diamond can confirm the yellowing of lower quality diamonds, so we do not recommend going below H, making the near colourless and colourless category more accurate when purchasing a diamond. 4-carat diamond. 


4 Carat Diamond Ring


The scale that regulates the colour tone is as follows: 

Exceptional White +  Y 
Extra white +  F 
Super white  G 
White  H 


Clarity or purity of the 4-carat diamond refers to the minute natural imperfections present in all but the finest diamonds like this one. 

For a 4-carat diamond, we recommend a scale of VS and above, since it represents little inclusion within the diamond structure, which is only visible with a magnifying glass at 10x. This grade remains still, without inclusions to the naked eye. 




It is worth mentioning that the ideal measure for this type of jewel is the VS1: which presents Slight Inclusions almost imperceptible to the eye, if it existed it would only be possible to see it with a magnifying glass at 20x or more. 

The perfect diamond would be one that was entirely diamond, without the slightest presence of another mineral or material. But finding diamonds with perfect clarity is practically impossible because nature often leaves its mark in the form of inclusions that do not affect the beauty of the diamond. 

Although we know that you have just cleared many doubts, this search can be even easier and less stressful if you contact us, and we will be happy to help you. 

Our experience will allow us to help you select the ideal 4-carat diamond for you, we have done it for decades and our customers are extremely appreciative. 

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